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Whether you are interested in a home renovation, new construction, insulation project, or a home energy audit, J. Myers Builders, Inc. offers professional and timely service.  


Spray foam insulation is sprayed directly onto a ceiling, floor, wall, or foundation. It expands quickly to fill gaps and hardens to provide an air and vapor barrier.  Spray foam has a very high R-value per inch, making it the best insulation for many applications.  Spray foam prevents the flow of air and water vapor into or out of your home, reducing energy costs and creating a cleaner indoor environment. 

Cellulose has improved in quality and sophistication over time, and it now provides exceptional resistance to fire, moisture, mold, and vermin. Cellulose is a very cost effective form of thermal and sound insulation.  

A professional energy audit gives you a picture of where your home is losing energy and what you can do to save money on heating and electricity.

The Home Performance with Energy Star program is offered by your local electric company.  Qualifying homes are eligible for a 50% rebate up to $4,000.  ​​There is a $100 fee for the home energy audit, and this is refunded to you if you complete the recommendations.  Benefits of the Home Performance with Energy Star program include:

  • Typical utility bill savings of 20% or more​

  • Fewer drafts and​ more comfortable rooms

  • Third-party quality assurance to make sure the work gets done right

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions to protect the environment

Window replacement can help reduce drafts and retain heat, as well as improve a homes appearance.  We offer free estimates for window replacement, and can help you choose the best window for your site and budget.  Windows are evaluated during the home energy audit. As experienced energy retrofit contractors we take care to air seal while replacing the window in order to maximize your investment.  

Energy-efficient improvements not only make your home more comfortable, they can yield long-term financial rewards. 

Spray Foam & Cellulose Insulation Specialists

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