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In 2002, the owner of J. Myers Builders, Inc., Jamie Myers, had his basement insulated with spray foam insulation and was intrigued with the process, product and most importantly the concept of an insulation that also creates an air barrier.  In less than a month we purchased our first of two mobile spray units and were fully operational in the spray foam business.  After a very busy 18 months operating with one unit, we purchased our second unit and signed on with Icyene as a licensed installer. We currently spray all types of foam on the market ranging form .5lb foam to 2.5lb foam.  We spray new homes, old homes being remodeled, injection into existing closed up areas, foundations and basements. 


Prior to insulating homes and doing weatherization projects, J. Myers Builders was primarily a building company specializing in new home construction and remodeling.  The idea of spray foam was initially a way to provide my building clients with the best possible insulation on the market and to build energy efficient homes.  We wanted to provide this service to them directly without outsourcing to a different company.  We were able to keep costs down for my customers because very few contractors in New England were offering spray foam at the time.  As we entered the industry of insulation we began to learn a the whole-house approach to energy efficiency and the importance of this concept in new construction and home weatherization.  Over the next couple of years Jamie steered the company in a direction that would specialize in Building Performance.  We are now a qualified contractor for the national Home Performance with Energy Star program.  We continue to build and remodel homes with an emphasis on energy efficiency.  


Jamie Myers grew up in Lisbon and comes from a family with a strong background in homebuilding.  He decided to carry on tradition and changed his plans to attend UNH with a vision of building his own company.  He is currently raising his family in the town of Lisbon where he grew up and takes pride in employing local people to work for the company.  Whenever possible we support our local community by buying local and supporting local vendors and subcontractors.  


We take pride in offering professional and timely service.  We do what it takes to get the job done right.


Spray Foam & Cellulose Insulation Specialists

   J. Myers Builders, INC

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